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See the tapestry as Pointillism art

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Another brilliant characteristic of tapestries is that we can mix ANY colour yarns as MANY as we want without darkening the colour itself, which may happen to the paints when blending several colours on palette.

This characteristic of tapestries is similar to the one of pointillism. Pointillism is a technique of painting, using small dots of colours applied on the canvas, instead of using the traditional methods of blending pigments on a palette. Tapestries are also executed by a collection of dots, dots of colours of each yarn. Those colour dots juxtaposed on the surface of tapestries would blend as reaching to your eyes when you see from far.

From my personal experience, the colours of my tapestries are generally brighter than my cartoons (tapestry design).

Above is the details from one of my work "In a Forest".

Try to see the centre of the image.

You may see "green" area.

One side is dark green, another side is light green.

In my cartoon (design), you see simply dark green and light green but I translated these green into the mixture of different shades and colours to make it "green".

I use the word 'translate' above, probably it is not clear what I try to say?

I will write about my "art translation" next week.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonder-full day😁

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