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Languages / Rhythms / Time

My work as a tapestry artist has always been a combination of 3 important factors: ​


  •    Languages to communicate,

  •    Rhythms to feel and

  •    Time to ferment.


​The process of every tapestry that I weave is a translation and transition of my thoughts from initial sketching the idea to painting onto a canvas/paper, and then from the painting to a tapestry.


The key materials I use in my tapestries include Japanese paper and ink, golden & silver thread, stainless steel wire, rubber, nylon, bark and wooden branches... all of which add intricacy to my work and the same time, the combination of different materials allows me to push my boundaries to explore the possibilities in a traditional weaving and create tapestries in modern context of our time.  ​


I believe my work stands to balance traditional roots of weaving alongside the current  modern era.  

For example, with the loose warp, which is traditionally considered unsuitable for tapestry techniques, I identify it as a new transformation of ‘perfection’.   With this balance,  I seem to work on an irregular flow which are impromptu and hold a deep meaning to me.  With a sudden disruption in the symmetry of perfectly woven lines, I identify imperfection as a huge key element to my work, which represents uncertainties, constant change, no definite plan and most importantly the imperfections of life.

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 12.12.36 PM.png

1995 - 1999 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Obtained Diploma with top honors in 1999

1995 - 1999 Ghent City Permanence Education Center, Ghent, Belgium

Art-Weaving Course. Obtained Certificate of Completion of the technical studies

Commissions and Collections

Her work has been displayed and/or collected by the V&A Museum (London, UK),

City of Wavre in Belgium,

and has commissioned by Chubu Beauty School, Yamasa Foundation in Japan, and also by private companies and collectors.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

 2019 Gallery Yu, Okazaki Japan


2003 Gallery Cocon, Gallery Yuntaka, Japan

2002 Featured Exhibition at the Belgian Flanders Museumk, Osaka, Japan

2002 Gallery Lori Space, Horio Clinic Aichi, Japan

2001 Marazumi Gallry, Bankaku Gallery, Japan

1999 Franciso Ferrer General Technical College, Brussels, Belgium

Publications / Articles / Press

2018Art Republik Magazine, Singapore

2008-2009 愛知公嘱ニュース, 愛知県公共嘱託登記土地家屋調査士協会​

2006 Evening Standard, UK ​

2006 Makers News, Crafts Council, UK​

2006 FX Magazine, UK​

2000-2006 20 articles in major newspapers in Japan like Mainichi, Sankei and Chunichi Newspaper​

2000 & 2006 Teo Newsletter of Tokyo Textile Information Centre, Japan​

2000 La Tapisserie Contemporaine, Belgium​

2000日本フォトコンテスト 現代に生きるタペストリー 故平カズオ氏

1999 Le magazine de la Haute Ecole, Belgium​

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 -MA Project, JCC Japan Embassy in Singapore

2018 Ma Project, Japan Foundation, Delhi, India

2008 'Collect', The V&A Museum, London, UK

2007 ‘Collect’, The V&A Museum, London, UK


2007 ‘Paper’ Exhibition, Lesley Craze Gallery, London, UK

2006 ‘Penelope’s Thread’ Tapestry Exhibition, The V&A, London, UK


2006 Origin, the London Craft Fair, Somerset House, London, UK


2005 Two-woman Show, Orleans House, the Stables Gallery, Richmond UK


2003 Open House Exhibition, Lake District, UK


2001 Aichi Prefectual Art Center, Nagoya, Japan


2001 Oudenaarde City Hall, Belgium


2000 Rouge-Cloitre Art Center of Auderghem, Brussels, Belgium


1999 St.Catherine Church, Brussels, Belgium


1997 St.Catherine Church, Brussels, Belgium


1997 Culture Center of Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain


1996 Loches Castle, Loire, France

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