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Sachiyo Sharma is a tapestry artist of Japanese origin, practising art since 1995. With multiple solo and group exhibitions, Sachiyo shares her vision of “our world” through her practice tapestry weaving integrated with her own mediums such as hand spun Japanese paper, silver thread and wool.


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“In the ‘Squares’ series, the inclusion of trace colours in small coloured squares and rectangles sprinkled across a vast white textured woven paper tapestry, Sachiyo lends a pause, as if striking a musical note, an ode to Ma. There is a structure in its disorder, even the loose threads linking two salvages vertically or the horizontal piping linking several woven panels in a vast tapestry. The play of light and shade reveals these great momentary transitions in her work which sensitizes the viewers to appreciate the process of weaving itself.”

〜Extraction from catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition, the MA Project, organised by Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan in Singapore & Japan Foundation Delhi, India. 
Text by Dr. Gauri Parimoo Krishnan  

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